Sanjay Mathur ISEPD 2018 Conference Chair

Global challenge for sustainable development and resource-efficient technologies has never been higher before.  This international summit on ecofriendly and sustainable materials technologies is a premium forum for researchers, engineers and enterpreneurs to discuss the most recent innovation, trends, challenges and solutions adopted for greener technological solutions. This event will bring together participants from academics and industrial sector to share their vision on materials and engineering technologies enabling minimization of the carbon footprint and maximization of resource efficiency. This meeting unites two internationally acclaimed and traditional events namely the International Symposium on Eco-Materials Processing and Design (ISEPD) and Expo on Environment-friendly Surface Engineering Technologies (EXPO) that will facilitate inter-sectoral cooperation.


This conference was established by the cooperation of several Asian countries with Japan, Korea and China leading the previous events. Over the last 18 years, the meeting has also been successfully hosted in other East Asian countries: Thailand, Vietnam and Nepal. For the first time this conference has come to India that being among one of the fastest-growing major economies is a befitting location to discuss the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development. The industrial progress of past decades is mostly derived through several disruptive innovations and technological break-throughs that need to be integrated in a sustainable and diverse ecosystem responding to global needs. The main objective is to discuss new development in the field of materials and energy (efficient) technologies and their possible impact on greener processing and engineering solutions based on renewable feedstocks, cleaner technologies and more efficient use of critical resources. The scientific program and topical area covers the entire range of materials technologies for energy, environment and sustainability, focusing on the latest scientific and technological innovations.


This exhibition will bring together the producers of raw materials, engineered materials and application as well as analytical equipments to discuss more eco-balanced and environmental-friendly materials for their products. In addition, there will be 2 days technical exhibit enabling the industrial participants and exhibitors to showcase their technologies and products. Leading companies across surface engineering sectors and paint industries as well as other advanced manufacturing sectors including semiconductor, automobile, energy and electronics are progressing towards more environment-friendly materials for their products to create a healthy materials economy and reduce the carbon-footprint. Hereby the use of new and substitute materials, for instance, those based on natural sources and water-borne paints carry enormous potential for greener materials technologies. Chemical processing industries especially making high-end products, using toxic materials and creating hazard waste must participate and share their experiences to discuss the potential opportunites for minimizing environmental impact. With ISEPD running in parallel to the EXPO, this meeting is a unique opportunity for commercially-focused R&D and to find new stake-holders within a dedicated group of experts.

The technical program of ISEPD & EXPO will include the participation of globally renowned experts, who will deliver plenary, keynote and thematic talks together with oral presentations (running in five parallel sessions) over the entire duration of the conference. In addition, posters sessions will be organized to give the younger participants a chance to present their research and interact with their professional peers. This meeting will offer material researchers and users a valuable opportunity for gaining new knowledge on eco-materials in the fields of green processing, advanced materials, energy conversion, environmental protection, long-term usage, life-cycle assessment and recycling concepts.

We look forward to welcome you in the „Pink City“!

Sanjay Mathur

Conference Chair, ISEPD & EXPO 2018